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    Key topics:   ? Tibet in the new era ? COVID-19 origin tracing ? China Mosaic ? China's Changemakers


    China issues white paper on moderate prosperity

    China's State Council Information Office Tuesday issued a white paper to document the country's journey to moderate prosperity.

    ? Full Text: China's Epic Journey from Poverty to Prosperity

    China's industrial profits sustain stable growth

    Profits of China's major industrial firms maintained steady growth momentum in the first eight months of the year as industrial production continued to firm up and business operations kept improving, official data showed on Tuesday.

    Report says Hong Kong retains sound business environment under 'one country, two systems'

    A report released by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government on Monday pointed out that Hong Kong has retained its sound business environment and unique advantages under "one country, two systems," and the financial hub is still attractive to businesses and investors around the world.

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    ?Germany after Merkel

    The next German government, irrespective of its political leanings, ought to be characterized by a determination to draw on Merkel's legacy and adapt to the changing environment.


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